At Heilyn Photography we try to take the confusion out of ordering sizes and give you a few terms to work with instead.  Impact, Grand, Standard, Small, Mini, Desktop, Wallets.  As you can see, the names are fairly easy to follow, but to show you in terms of size on your walls, see the images below.  Art is created to be appreciated and cherished.  Placing your memories on the walls of your home not only warms your space, but also reminds you of wonderful times spent with your loved ones.  Impact, as the name implies, will stop you in your tracks and looks beautiful on the walls of your home.  Let me help you find the best places in your home for these size portraits, so you can decorate your home with love and memories. 

Our collections at Heilyn Photography, and corresponding sizes are as follows:

impact SIZES:  30”x40” to 40”x40”        standard SIZES:  20x24 to 24”x24”        mini SIZES:  11”x14” to 16”x16”

  grand SIZES:  24”x30” to 30”x30”          small SIZES:  16”x20” to 20”x20”          desktop SIZES:  4”x6” to 8”x10”  


create an heirloom FOR YOUR FAMILY

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