Heidi Wetherbee, Photographer


My name is Heidi, and I have a love and passion for photography that I enjoy sharing with everyone I meet. My love for photography started at a very young age.  I remember at age 10, when my baby sister came into this world, I would dress her up and pose her and take photographs of her.  (Photo on Right)  It was then that I developed a love for photography.  Realizing at a very young age the value of capturing moments and people for a lifetime of memories.  I look back at this photograph today, and realize that my photography skills have come a long way, but this photograph brings back so many fond memories and reminds me of how very much I love my sister. 

These are the kind of photographs I want to create for you...


Priceless Memories

I want to share this gift with everyone I meet.  I want everyone to have memories to look back on, to give your children and family something to remember you by.  Photographs that capture youth, a special occasion, or a day when you felt the most beautiful you have ever felt.  

Serving all of Livingston County, Michigan and surrounding areas.  

Phone:  810-333-2769
Contact Me at: heilynphotography@gmail.com

Services I Offer:
  • Beauty/Glamour Portraits (Before & After Makeovers Available)
  • Elegant Boudoir (Alone or With Your Special Someone)
  • Corporate Headshots/Environmental Executive Portraiture/Lifestyle
  • Family Portraits/Lifestyle Photography
  • High School Seniors
  • And Other Genres including commercial, fashion, editorial, food, and pets

Heilyn Photography

Photographing slices of time
to capture life's most memorable moments